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Your local Santa Clara County USBC Association board members are volunteers that give their time and support to help put on local tournaments, events, perform lane certifications, deliver and present bowler awards, and plan special events to help promote the sport of bowling.   If you are interested in joining or would like more information on joining the SCCUSBC board, please contact Phyllis Castrovinci or Tanya Nelson.  We look forward to hearing from you.





Kathy Gavino - Association Manager

Awards, Tournaments, other association business, or Questions?


send email to:





Santa Clara County USBC Association Office: 

90 E. Gish Rd

Suite 150

San Jose, CA 95112

Phone (408) 453-5080 

Fax (408) 453-5081

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


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If you have suggestions regarding the website, please send an email to 














Phyllis Castrovinci - President






Tanya Nelson - Vice President





Carmen Bettencourt - Sgt of Arms 













       Doug Booth                                   Frank Chambers










Debbie Elliott                                              Tom Elliott








     Fran Ellis                                       Jeff Evenson

Rich Gavino                                     Louise Marseline



David Nunez                                         Glendora Pitre












            Betty Russell                         Bob Hale - Adult Youth                                                                                       Director








   Justin Aboud - Youth                          Diego Jara - Youth

                           Director                      Youth Representative