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California USBC Association/CalUSBC



California State Tournaments  


March 27 - July 26, 2015


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Tyme to Bowl Lanes (Gold Country Casino)
Oroville, CA

Entry Deadline: 7/26/2015

























August 21-23, 2015


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Monterey Lanes
Entry Deadline: 8/1/2015








October 17-18, 2015


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Winnetka Bowl
Entry Deadline: 10/18/2015












OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS (Team, Singles & Doubles)

The Open Championships is a state-wide handicap tournament consisting of a four person team event, doubles event, singles event and optional all-events competition. The event is organized and implemented by the California USBC Association.  This event is open to all California USBC certified adult men and women and is held in Northern California in odd years and Southern California in even years when possible.  The tournament is normally held from April to June and for approximately 11 weekends.  Each event consists of three games for Team, Doubles and Singles. The Open Championships has about 600 teams enter each year.


WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIPS (Team, Singles & Doubles) 

The event format of the Women's Championships is the same as the Open Championships (Team, Doubles, Singles and All-events) with the exception that only California female bowlers allowed to participate and the format is all scratch with divisions.  This event is held in the same location and center as the Open Championships.  Approximately 350 teams participate each year.




2015 Senior Singles


The Senior Singles Tournament is open to all California USBC members at least 50 years of age at the time of participation in the tournament. The format is six games total + handicap. This tournament is held in a different location each year. Winners in set age classifications will automatically qualify to the USBC National Seniors Tournament. Entry for the national event will be paid by the CUSBC.



2015 California State Singles Championships


This event is open to ALL California USBC members. This is a handicap event bowling six games of singles in two (2) three game blocks changing lanes each block. An Optional Scratch division is available for all divisions and youth are eligible to participate with a signed USBC Scholarship waiver prior to competing. 




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