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Bowling News Around the Association:  2018 - 2019

This page is dedicated to our bowlers who made bowling news at various bowling establishments around the association.  The intent is to highlight any outstanding game or series bowled, converted difficult spare, etc. by our bowlers or a team of bowlers on a weekly basis.  If you have any bowling news from your league and want to include it on this page, click here to obtain the News Form.  Fill in the information and either email a softcopy to "", send hardcopy to the SCC USBC Office (address at top of this page), or give it to your House Rep.  Thanks.  Yours truly, Rich Gavino, Director and Webmaster.  

           Page updated on: 12/03/2018    

Morgan Hill Bowl

One More Time (OMT), Wednesdays @ 10:00 AM (Rich Gavino - league sec.)


* I want to personally congratulate and share with the Association O'Lynda Head's feat of converting the "6-7-10" split in the 2nd game.  O'Lynda is averaging 130, so it is a huge accomplishment to convert this split that takes skill and a bit of luck.  CONGRATULATIONS, O'Lynda!

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